For over twenty years, the creative mind behind such brands as Jarold Imes, Cedric Quincy,  Isaiah David Paul and Donte Sweat has used innovation and creativity to bring forth the best in content creation.

Our foundation in book publishing started with the online digital release of a walk in my shoes by Jaeyel Imes in 1998 while he was a sophomore in high school. Imes cultivated an audience of his peers and sold copies of his book on 3-ring binders and floppy disks. It would be during his first year at a prominent HBCU that he would team up with publishing services provider to produce the trade paperbacks. Using the knowledge gained from this experience and researching various record companies, Imes built his first publishing company in the summer of 2001.

From the years 1999 to 2016, Imes would go on to help twenty-seven authors produce over one hundred books for several publishers. He would also write and publish thirty-five of his own books under six names during this time. In 2013, Imes would make his first foray into film by helping to finance and promote the GoFundme campaign for Freefall: The Miami Episode. To date, the first campaign is one of the very few successful crowdfunding campaigns for an independent motion picture series featuring African American talent and creators. The experience fed a growing desire to see his work become a motion picture. Four years laters, through the Cedric Quincy brand, Imes was hand selected to be the co-creator, show runner and co-producer for Here TV’s series, BLACKVILLE.

Today, we take the brands we own and continue creating our own path in publishing books, producing films, and consulting aspiring artists.

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