For publishing, our legacy has extended throughout our operation of multiple brands. Our ISBN tree represents the recording of our extensive catalog.

ISBN’s 0971230996 & 978-1934195

Import Logos from previous printings and files if possible.

RBANWRTR & RBANWRTR Enterprises (1998-2003)

Martin Maasai & Maasai Peoples Brands (2003-2004)

Vic Mar Publications (2004-2007)

Abednego’s Free (2007-2012)

Solomon Waterwine (2012-2014)

Tinsley Phelps (2015-2018)

Write Sing Work (2019 – Present)

Our first house, RBANWRTR (pronounced “urban writer”) released the first digital and print copies of books by Jaeyel Imes. From the room in his parents’ home to the dorm he shared on campus, Imes would get his first taste of literary entrepreneurship. He would produce the books that would become the precursor to his popular teen series.
in 2003, Imes changed the name of RBANWRTR to Martin Maasai to honor one of his favorite civil rights icons and the East African tribe he’d grown found of as a youth. In this time period, he’d acquire his first set of authors and his first business partners., coming Maasai Peoples, Inc.
At the height of the urban/street-literature movement, Imes would team up with the “Family & Friends” of Victor Martin and experience a major growth spell. Acquiring a heavily sought after talent and producing the first version of his prolific novel, Worth Fighting 4, Imes would start touring to support his work, increasing his exposure and notoriety .
Branching out on his own, Imes would continue to build on the success he had under Vic Mar after selling his interest in the company. It was under this branding that he created his popular “Hold On Be Strong” teen series, geared heavily toward young men of color. He’d form the imprint, Tinsley Phelps, to publish adult trade paperbacks ranging from urban fiction to faith fiction.
Under this brand, Imes would focus heavily on building his Isaiah David Paul brand for the faith fiction market. A string of successes would lead to high-profile contributions to award-winning anthologies and a publishing deal with a major publisher under his name.
Reclaiming the name of his previous imprint as his new moniker, Imes continued writing and publishing faith fiction, regained the literary rights to the Cedric Quincy brand he created during the Abednego’s Free era and would branch off into film. He would become a sponsor and an associate producer of the Miami Episode of the popular Freefall webseries and he would create and write Blackville, which premiered on Here TV.
After a nasty divorce and a bout with homelessness, Imes has re-emerged stronger than ever. In addition to controlling and managing his works and a few other brands, Imes provides literary services and helps aspiring entrepreneur launch their businesses.
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