For publishing, our legacy has extended throughout our operation of multiple brands. Our ISBN tree represents the recording of our extensive catalog.

ISBN Catalogs 97809712309 & 9781934195

Imes coined the phrase, “literary entertainment company” to coincide with his dream of founding a recording and publishing company. He’s been a serial entrepreneur since he was ten years old and with the history of our company surviving acquisitions and mergers, we have no intentions of slowing down.


Three years later, RBANWRTR Enterprises was established as a production company and produced our first paperback title, a walk in my shoes by Jaeyel Imes, in 2001. Our founder would go on to publish 75 titles by eleven authors over the next twenty four years.

In this time, we’ve expanded to help entrepreneurs created brands and expand their businesses. In our current form, our founder and friends publishes books, create startups and provides financial education services.

Martin Maasai & Maasai Peoples Brands
Vic Mar Publications
Abednego’s Free
Solomon Waterwine
Tinsley Phelps
Write Sing Work
2019 – Present
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