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Showcasing his ability to write in a multitude of genres, Imes created and maintained four pseudonyms.

Jarold “Jaeyel” Imes (1998 – 2017)
Our founding brand was established to produce mainstream fiction, but found success as a young adult brand. Our first successful novel, Hold On Be Strong, was published in 2003 as an urban fiction novel and Imes followed suite with Worth Fighting 4 in 2006. The “Hold On Be Strong” series and blog was created in 2006. After producing the ten year anniversary edition of the teen series in 2016, Imes would retire the brand in 2017. All of the Jarold Imes titles are being republished under the Isaiah David Paul brand in 2022 & 2023.

Cedric Quincy (2001 – Present)
The foundation of Cedric Quincy began with the production of Walter’s Friend by Jamaal Quincy Tyler in 2002 for the legendary DaSite/ website. At the time, we were one of the few brands consistently producing male/male/female romance and erotica. One of our most popular brands, Cedric Quincy has the distinction of being one of the few African American male creators of male/male/female titles. Our company would produce a few other literary classics for the site for the next few years. Our breakthrough, award-winning novel, Blackberry Molasses, published in 2009, introduced Cedric Quincy to the masses. Blackberry Molasses won several awards in the black LGBTQ literary circuit and a year later, Free Your Mind was released to the site in 2010. Our Cedric Quincy brand would be tapped to create and write the television series Blackville in 2017 and we continue to write books and consult with various Youtube Channels and podcasts. Our Cedric Quincy brand has an audience with diverse pallet, which allows us to explore new worlds and genres and showcase our vast creativity. We produced our first credited non-fiction autobiography under this brand, Don’t Get F+cked Up: My Fight to Overcome Mess & Manipulation by Tony “Rollon Rebel” in 2021.

Isaiah David Paul (2006 – Present)
He Changed the Game was published as the first gritty faith fiction novel in 2006. These gritty-faith fiction titles incorporate the edge and cautionary tales of street-lit while keeping Christ and the ministry of the Lord at the center. IDP was selected to be one of the last authors published under the Urban Christian imprint at Urban Books/RandomHouse and his book, Try a Little Tenderness was released in 2015. We will be expanding this brand to re-publish the critically acclaimed “Hold On Be Strong Series,” originally published under the name Jarold Imes. Our first new Isaiah David Paul novel will drop Spring 2024.

Donte Sweat (2010 – Present)
Originally created for a major urban fiction publishing house, King, became a cult classic. Many of the would be Donte Sweat titles have been sold to other authors to enhance their catalogs. In 2024, Imes plans to use this name to branch into suspense and romance.

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